Sunless Tanning

The latest sunless tanning technology produces a natural looking tan without the use of UV rays. Achieve a uniform and natural looking tan in just seconds. It is great for sunless tanners, non-tanners, current tanners, and event tanners.

About VersaSpa

VersaSpa products uniquely combine rejuvenating skincare and tanning technology. VersaSpa has transformed sunless tanning by introducing a unique blend of green & brown marine algae, to detoxify, firm and hydrate skin for a beautiful tan.

VersaSpa is revolutionizing the modern tan with exceptional results. With over 15+ years of expertise in skincare and tanning science, VersaSpa has developed an unmatched 3-part skin rejuvenation system that creates a beautiful tan. Look as good as you feel.

Our VersaSpa Pro offers 4 different level of color options, as well as an instant bronze or clear solution. You are able to customize your spray tan by adding a leg boost and/or moisturizer boost. These are extra passes at the end of your spray tan to maximize the results.

We suggest you coming to your session with clean skin. Shower, shave, exfoliate prior. Try to avoid any moisturizers or oils. We do offer products that can help with the application of your spray tan. Our solutions are water soluble and shouldn’t stain clothing, if it does, it should wash right out. With that being said we do encourage you to bring loose fitting clothing for after your session. You will want to avoid water/working out/sweating for at least 12 hours but wait 24 hours for best results.

Where the sun never sets

We pride ourselves on carrying the best in tanning equipment and technology. All of our employees have the necessary knowledge to point you towards your most beautiful skin.